Jeevmoksha yoga gurukul is a premier institute of yoga in Rishikesh. Located in Himalayan foothills of Shivalik range, Jeevmoksha is a serene and calm study point where students can indulge into a spiritual affair with themselves taking out time from the pace of modern life and taking time to look deep within themselves. The surroundings are rich in nature with lots of green providing enough oxygen to cater the needs of body and enough Pran to fulfill the requirements of energy. Jeevmoksha works along the lines of traditional yoga while also paying equal attention to the contemporary lifestyles and conditions.

Our yoga classes are a fine blend of physical, energetic and mental techniques to carve out a complete set of practice for a being as a whole. Gurukul offers intensive yoga teacher training courses thereby enabling students to draw their own scales of self practice and development. Gurukul operates in an ashram environment which includes a dedicated space for yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh itself and giving a wide range of knowledge on ancient systems of self healing and well being. Yoga, Ayurveda, Nature cure and other systems of actual health are combined together in our education programs so as to enable more and more people to understand them and share them in their own communities. This virtue makes Jeevmoksha a unique spot for the study of Yoga in India.

JEEVMOKSHAYATAN YOG SAMITI is top yoga school in rishikesh india a non profit organization registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 of the Government of India, with its objective of imparting the traditional knowledge of Yogic science based on original principles of Yoga Philosophy, so as to yoke the concept of modern scientific approach and the yogic discipline.


To propagate the teachings of our revered Guru Shri Rudranath ji, the universal principles of life and its richness through the discipline of yoga, ayurveda and allied sciences. We aim at being able to deliver the teachings of our Master to all, and grow together towards the fulfillment of the purposes of our lives. According to our Guruji, a man’s vision should not be restricted to his or her own self, rather it should be all encompassing, working for the betterment of self and others from his or her own stand. As a stale dough cannot give a healthy bread, so a man with an impure mind cannot bring purity around him/her self. Our vision is very much guided by his ideas on creating a community where people work on self and surroundings thus bringing about some soulful deep rooted transformations.


The mission of organization is the global promotion of yogic discipline and establishing a definite methodology of learning and teaching Yoga and certain aspects of Tantra, in their true perspective. The organization will also develop a platform for carrying on scientific research and development in the field of Yogic and Ayurvedic science.

Jeevmokshayatan as an organization is also working on a definite line of rural upliftment, providing the opportunity of self employment to unprivileged classes of the society by running certain welfare programs in relation to yogic and traditional Indian utilities. Under the name of “Samriddhi”, a program is being undertaken among a group of rural population in the district of Dehradun, for developing the household manufacturing of different non technological utilities using organic methods which are extremely hygienic and ecologically beneficial.

Jeevmoksha Yoga Gurukul

Jeevmoksha institute of Yoga studies is formed under Jeevmokshayatan yoga organization, for the purpose of development and promotion of yogic sciences amidst all the societies and individuals. Situated in pious city of “Rishikesh”, along the charged currents of Holiest river Ganga, the institute aims at imparting the training of yogic sciences on scientific standards while preserving its authenticity and tradition. The approach of the institute is towards following the principles of yoga as they have been passed on from generations yet trying to make it adaptable so that every individual finds him/her self connected with the system. The approach followed at the institute is more Integral as both ‘Bahirang and Antaranga’ (internal and external) practices are paid equal emphasis. Institute is also conducting certain research and developmental projects in the field of alternative medicine having yoga as the means of curing different disorders of psycho and soma.

The institute is conducting different courses in yogic training of Hatha and Raj yoga which includes short and long term courses for self learning and development as well as special short and long term courses for Yoga Teachers to enhance their skills and connect to the roots. The learning is based on foundational Principles of Yoga as being inherited from “masters” enveloped with the modern methodology of education and training. The institute provides certification to each candidate on successful completion of the course.